CityWide Software Solutions




CityWide Works is a web based, work order/work flow application designed to enable public works departments to prioritize, schedule, and track projects. In addition, CityWide Works calculates resources utilized, inventory consumed, as well as direct and indirect labour. The application integrates with CityWide and other TCA financial applications.


Create and track service requests and work orders

Manage all your service requests and work orders and assign them to workers or contractors. Use the system to create time sheets for your workers. You can track equipment and parts used as well as labour to get the full cost of a work order.

Manage preventative maintenance

Add preventative maintenance events to assets. These events will send you a notification when they should be performed and can easily be turned into work orders.

Mobile app

Our android application lets you view and edit Work Orders in the field in real time. It allows workers to see their current location and any Work Orders assigned to them so they can prioritize their day. Pictures can be attached directly from the device.


The system allows administrators to view a range of reports and graphs. These graphs can help identify areas of improvement and high cost to improve efficiency.

Additional Features
  • Built in Route Patrol (Minimum Maintenance Standards)
  • Manage vendors and suppliers
  • Attach documents, such as pictures or manuals
  • Built-in GIS viewer that offers integration with existing GIS systems